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Protect your family and business from burglars, fires and floods. If trouble comes, the system immediately activates the siren, sends you an alert and requests for help from an alarm response company. 

Why use a security system


To deter thieves 

Immediately notice doors opening, glass breaking, and motion. And if something threatens your life click a button to call for help. 

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To prevent fires and poisoning 

The system immediatley noties you of smoke, suspicious rises in temprature, or of dangerous level of invisible carbon monoide posion. The loud sirens built inside each fire detector can wake up even a heavey sleeper. 


To control your property 

Control gates, electic locks, lights, heaating and home appliances in the app or using a button. 


Fast emergency response 

If someone breaks into your home in the middle of the night, if trouble comes banging on your door or someone threatens the cashier at your business - one click of the a button sends for immediate help. 

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Outdoor security 

immediately spot intruders with outdoor detectors and demoralize them with the loud street sirens. 


Image varification 

Image verification technology helps to minimize false alarms by confirming intrusion sent straight through to mobile app and remote monitoring centre for a quick response. 


Detect floods

Protect your floors, carpets and furniture from water leaks. Get notified if a pipe breaks or a dishwasher starts to leak. Use scenarios to configure an automatic water shut off.   

Scheduled Arm & Disarming

The Night Mode arms the perimeter of the property and protects your family while they sleep. Adjust automatic disarming to avoid unnecessary disturbance and false emergency call-outs.
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Rapid Response 

Instant notification of alarms sent through to mobile app and remote monitoring station to alert security guards*. 
*Optional extra 

Our goal is to enhance your safety and security.

Our security solutions for intruder alarms are tailored to meet your specific needs and designed to safeguard your employees, company, and assets.

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