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Who Are Rhino Fire & Security Systems? 

We’re not like other fire and security providers, and we’re proud of it. 


This is because we’re Powered By Purpose! And that purpose is to help increase businesses’ success through our state-of-the-art technology and WOW service – all from a team of passionate and REAL people.


Where Did Rhino Start?

Founded in 2018 


When a family member was experiencing regular break-ins, as a qualified electrician I decided to secure their home with a new burglar alarm system, CCTV and security lighting. 


Till this day they are yet to experience another break-in, although the area still remains highly active for burglaries. 


Word of mouth led to further security systems being installed across Cardiff.

Today Rhino Fire & Security Systems has grown to become a trusted fire and security company. 

-Nathan Siddall, Company director.

Powered by purpose

At Rhino, we go beyond being a conventional fire and security company. Our approach extends beyond providing a system and leaving it at that. 

Going above and beyond 

Our focus is to utilise the latest technology to provide our customers with high end quality backed by good customer service.

Local Support

We prioritize building a strong sense of community both within our organization and in the surrounding area. We make it a priority to give back to the local community.

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