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With video verification technology, Audio challenging and professional monitoring.

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Rapid Deployment Mobile CCTV Towers

South Wales 

Fully automatic trespasser detection with strobe and siren warning 

Smart AI auto tracking 

Solar powered*

Remote viewing on PC and mobile devices

24 hour remote professional monitoring station

Security guard response

Construction sites

Festivals and concerts

Void and abandoned properties

Farming and agriculture 

Highways and road maintenance 

Utilities and infrastructure 

Our goal is to enhance your safety and security.

Rapid deployment mobile security towers offer quick and versatile protection for outdoor spaces, helping to deter potential security threats and improve safety for people and property.

Rapid Deployment Mobile CCTV

Introducing THE RHINO TOWER a quick to deploy mobile solar CCTV tower.

Capable of running all year round on solar* our towers provide a cost effective solution to temporary or short term CCTV requirements. 

24 hour colour cameras with anti deterrent technology and built-in audio help to protect various sectors such as:

Construction site security 

Utility sector security 

Vacant properties protection

Festivals & Events

Public safety & Crime prevention

Rhino _DS_1236.jpg
24 Hour Power

No power? No problem! Solar technology allows for continuous uninterrupted operation all year round*

Artificial Intelligence

Smart AI allows for accurate detection of trespassers and false alarm filtering.   

Rapid Deployment

Our towers can be fully set up and configured within minutes. Having your site protected in no time.

Low Light Technology

Ultra low light technology uses ambient light to generate clear images maximising safety even on the darkest nights.

Rhino _DS_1221.jpg

System Specification

Smart AI anti deterrent cameras with built-in audio, strobe and sirens

4 Week rolling video storage

Integrated audio challenging tannoy system

Auto tracking capabilities 

Large standby time with solar charging 

Built in tracker module

Roaming SIM card for optimum 4G, 3G, GPRS, connection


Human Detection

Smart AI human detection helps to minimise false alarms. 

Vehicle Detection

Get alerts when vehicles enter your protected site or obtain number plate infomation.

Anti Deterrent Technology

Automatic strobe and sirens warn off intruders for immediate deterrence.

24 Hour Colour Cameras

Capture crisp high definition images with audio day and night.

Audio Challenging 

Warn trespassers with our built-in tannoy system.

4G Connectivity 

Fast 4G allows you to view your site from anywhere in the world. 

*Weather dependant 


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