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Landlord Services

Cardiff, Newport & Bridgend 

Fire alarm testing and repairs

Emergency lighting testing and maintenance

Electrical testing and inspections 

Utilities management 

24 hour remote professional monitoring station

Design, installation and maintenance

Our goal is to enhance your safety and security.

Servicing & Maintenance 


Single one off services also available get in touch for pricing.

British Style Architecture

Landlord Fire

  • 6th monthly fire alarm testing & inspection

  • Annual carbon monoxide alarm test

  • Annual fire extinguisher service (up to 4)

  • Annual emergency lighting 3 hour test

  • Test certificates included

  • Day call outs included

  • Optional sprinkler system test £249+VAT

cctv cam.png

Landlord Security

  • Annual security systems test & inspection

  • Annual security audit

  • Test certificates included

  • Day call outs included


Gas & Electric

  • Annual electrical inspection

  • Annual gas and boiler service

  • Test certificates included


Landlord Platinum

  • Landlord Fire

  • Landlord Security

  • Landlord Gas & Electrical

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