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"Monitor your property 24 hours a day with our HD night colour systems"

Wired CCTV
starter  Pack

Designed to keep your home or office secure 24/7. The starter kit includes one high-definition camera with night vision or 24 hour colour capabilities, allowing you to clearly see any activity in and around your property even in low light conditions.  The included DVR system provides real-time monitoring and recorded footage for future reference, and you can access it remotely from your smartphone or tablet. With simple setup and user-friendly interface, this CCTV kit is the perfect solution for ensuring the safety and security of your property.

Please note: The online cctv builder is intended for home owners and small businesses. Larger sites will require a site survey before installation. Price includes fitting for sites within 30 mile radius from Cardiff. Sites located outside of this area require a separate quote. If unsure please get in touch.

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Standard Cameras 

This camera is equipped with a 2 Mega Pixel image sensor, delivering clear footage even in low light conditions. The advanced infrared night vision technology provides excellent visibility in complete darkness, allowing you to see up to 50 meters away.

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24 hour colour cameras

With its advanced 5 Mega Pixel image sensor, our 24 hour colour cameras capture stunning footage with exceptional detail and clarity, both during the day and at night. The camera uses advanced image processing technology to produce 24-hour full-colour images, even in low light conditions, so you never miss a moment.


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The built-in strobe light and siren serve as a powerful deterrent against potential intruders, and the anti-tamper design makes it difficult for anyone to disable or remove the camera. This 8K Anti Deterrent CCTV Camera with Strobe and Siren is a top-of-the-line security solution for your home or business.


Increase your recording storage to hold more recordings for longer. As a rough estimate, a standard definition camera recording continuously at a resolution of 1080p may require around 1TB of storage per month. A high-definition camera recording at 8k resolution may require around 2TB of storage per month. These figures may vary depending on the specific circumstances and requirements of your CCTV system. If your not sure what you need. Get in touch.


Professional Monitoring 

CCTV monitoring provides a number of benefits, including improved security and surveillance of homes, businesses, and public spaces. It allows for real-time monitoring and recording of activities, which can be used as evidence in case of incidents or criminal activities. CCTV monitoring also deters crime and helps in quick resolution of incidents, as well as provides peace of mind to property owners and the public.


Smart cover

Taking out security system maintenance and servicing cover can provide numerous benefits for homeowners and businesses alike. With regular maintenance and servicing, your security system can be kept in top working order, helping to ensure that your property remains protected at all times.


"After a recent break-in we had CCTV installed by a local electrician. After a few weeks the we started to develop problems and we would often loose cameras and the box would reset itself. We called Rhino and ended up getting the system upgraded. The new cameras are so much better and its worked fine ever since!"

James Williams 


"I wanted CCTV for peace of mind as we live in a remote part of the countryside. We had Rhino install a system based on their quote and we couldn't be happier. I feel so much safer now and I recommend them to everyone."

Mr Osman


"Thank you to Rhino for my new CCTV, love the fact that I can view it on my phone from anywhere in the world never gets boring. Great professional installation and they made sure I knew how to use it before they left."

Neil Pezzack 

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